Penguin Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy!
Penguin for Trading and Industry respect your privacy on the Internet.
Penguin for Trading and Industry is trying to deal with your information only for the intended purposes and means. Such that, all the information collected on this site will remain confidential and will not be sold or rented!
Data on the site

1. We do not offer any guarantees that the stated information on our website is free of mistakes, or complete or recently updated.
2. We reserve the right to correct the mistakes and/or update the stated information on the website at any time without prior notice. In addition, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order that contains mistakes or is inaccurate.

3. Despite our efforts to ensure accuracy, comprehensiveness and recentness of the stated information on our website, in some cases, the information of one of the products may comprise inaccurate or incomplete data, including data related to the product price or availability.
4. We even reserve the right to cancel or refuse any order without giving reasons.
5. We reserve the right to change the products’ prices, conditions, specifications and guarantees without prior notice; moreover, we may review the Terms of Use at any time and update the website.
6. Online sales are dedicated and limited to the personal and domestic use only.
7. We reserve the right to impose restrictions on a number of the sold products, including the right to prevent sales to distributors.
Prices shall include taxes and, shipping costs.
Accepted Payment Methods in Egyptian Pound (EGP):
1. Cash On Delivery.
2. Instant online payment on Penguin for Trading and Industry website via Master Card & VISA.

1. Prices on the site are those appear in EGP.
2. Promotions, updates and special offers are subject to change without prior notice.
3. Penguin for Trading and Industry reserves the right to inscribe any client in the black list and/or refuse any order without giving reasons.
4. The laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt shall be applicable on all the transactions and special actions done on our website, and all the disputes shall be settled by the Egyptian courts.
Products’ delivery and delivering thereof at home 1. After your order is made, your product/products will arrive at your door within 7 to 14 business days.
2. Please double check the delivery address so there are no delays in arrival.
3. Products cannot be shipped to an incomplete address or to an address different from the one assigned on the purchase order.
4. When the delivery is made, please sign the purchase receipt to confirm that the delivery box or boxes have no defects.

Online Payment
1. After your online order is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with details about your order.
2. Your order will be sent to the exact shipping address you assigned on our website, and to the card holder him/herself.
3. For security reasons, you must have your National ID and the SAME credit card you purchased your order on with you during the time of delivery. Our employee will check to make sure they match.
4. You will be required to sign your full name on a copy of the order receipt, and you will also be required to provide our employee with your

national ID number.
5. In case you are not at home during the time of delivery, you can assign someone else to accept the order on your behalf. The assigned individual must provide at least a clear hard copy of the same credit card used to make the initial order and at least a clear hard copy of your national ID. Our employ will take these documents from the assigned individual to proceed.
7. If you would like to cancel your order 48 hours after your credit card has been charged, the amount you paid will be refunded to the same credit card you made the purchase with no administrative fee. This process may take up to 30 days.

Information we collect online
1. The required information to purchase a product: when you buy a product, we ask you about your name, address, phone number, your e-mail address and any other necessary information to complete and trace your order.

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